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Daily Dose: Mozilla's Mobile OS "Boot to Gecko" Announced

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Mozilla announced "Boot to Gecko" today, their take on a mobile operating system. B2G's main goal is to "pursue the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web". Mozilla envisions an operating system based on web-based applications, similiar to Google's ChromeOS. B2G will be built on top of Android's kernel and drivers, along with several new web APIs, to bring Mozilla's mobile OS to several different platforms. The project is open-source, and is available in real-time from the project's GitHub repository.

Oracle Shuts Down ex-Sun-CEO Blog

Oracle's pending lawsuits with Google over Java patents being used in Android may have led Oracle to delete some of their employee blogs related to Android. Jonathan Schwartz, an ex-Sun-CEO,  posted his excitement for the launch of Google's Android back in 2007. Today, Oracle has deleted all of Schwartz's blog posts and replaced the blog with an employee named Jonathan Benoit. It is unclear as to whether or not the removal was related the the Android content, but Oracle has "never been comfortable with employee blogging".

MySQL 5.6 increases Performance and Scalability

Oracle announced early access to MySQL 5.6 today at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. The new version of the popular database will focus on enhancing scalability, performance, and flexibility. MySQL 5.6 adds full text search and full text indicies to the InnoDB storage engine, and also "Buffer Pool Pre-loading Options" for preloading InnoDB buffers which "significantly shortens the warm-up times after server re-start". The update also brings an increased size for Redo Log files and a new BinLog API for replicating from MySQL to other systems.

Microsoft and SUSE Renew Ineroperability Agreement

Microsoft and the enterprise Linux server SUSE have renewed their agreement to collaborate on interoprerability between the two companies' projects for four more years. The deal aims to bring cross-platform solutions for Microsoft and SUSE, including future interoperability for cloud, virtualization, and manageability, such as cloud systems based around Microsoft's Hyper-V and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The recently independent business unit of SUSE, Attachmate, will not be moving away from Microsoft, even with controversy surrounding Microsoft's intellectual property protection and incompatibility with GPL.

20 Database Design Best Practices

Thank you to user CagdasBasaraner for today's top link, which is a compilation of the best design practices for databases.



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Ben Burwick replied on Tue, 2011/07/26 - 8:48am

Ross- Thanks for taking the time to review the day's news and give us these summaries! Excuse my pedantry; but I'm going to point out an English mistake (with the intention of being helpful). Fun with past participles:

"Oracle's pending lawsuits... may have lead Oracle to delete..."
should be
"Oracle's pending lawsuits... may have led Oracle to delete..."

Ross Jernigan replied on Tue, 2011/07/26 - 10:52am in response to: Ben Burwick

Whoops! Thanks Ben!

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