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Daily Dose: LucidWorks Enterprise 1.8 Crawls Shared Files

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LucidWorks Enterprise released its new version 1.8 featuring the addition of new crawl and security functionality. The platform can now crawl and index files on Windows shares and Access Control Lists (ACLs) for shared files and directories.

This means a couple of things: first, when you crawl files in a MSFT file system, the ActiveDirectory information in the documents you index is accounted for by LucidWorks Enterprise. Now, with a complete integration of Active Directory, LDAP and Sharepoint, you’re pretty much set to go.

Release 1.8 of Lucidworks Enterprise is available for download now from Lucid Imagination.

Perl/Python PaaS Open for Full Public Preview

In May, ActiveState's private cloud platform dubbed "Stackato", was launched as a developer preview. Today, Stackato has been released with "full beta availability with new features and components for testing including Python 3, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases, Catalyst Perl web framework, and enhanced encryption and security with https". ActiveState based Stackato on VMware's open-source Cloud Foundry project, but extended it with Python and Perl support and created an enterprise-ready private platform-as-a-service.

Microsoft Server Licenses extended to Amazon Web Services

Now that Microsoft has expanded their Microsoft Software Assurance program to allow license holders to migrate  their licenses to cloud services, Amazon has adopted the program and now allows you to move your Microsoft licenses from a physical machine to their Amazon Web Services cloud.

"If you are an ISV and have migration tools that will help customers migrate their existing deployments, now you can extend your offerings to AWS cloud. If you are a System Integrator offering professional services to customers and specialize in above Microsoft Windows Server applications, we would love to hear from you."

Cloudant makes NoSQL Searchable

One of the tradeoffs of using a NoSQL database is giving up built-in database data access using a query language. Cloudant aims to resolve this problem today by announcing Cloudant Search, a " novel, complementary way to interact with your data". The new feature is available directly in the Cloudant codebase, and "leverages existing, proven technology, such as the Lucene indexers, CouchDB’s view indexing logic and of course, Cloudant’s own Dynamo-inspired distribution algorithms". Cloudant Search is available now as a public beta.

Updated NATO Air Defence Solution Based on the NetBeans Platform

Today's top link (submitted by geertjan) comes from one of our own MVBs, Angelo D'Agnano! 



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