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Daily Dose: jQuery Mobile Beta 1 Released

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This week has started off with a lot of great releases! First of all, the first beta version of jQuery Mobile, the HTML5 library for building mobile web sites and apps, was released. The new version adds support for Opera Mini and BlackBerry 5 devices, in addition to a "vast majority of mobile platforms". Some of the other key changes include:

  • URL bar: Now hidden in iOS and Android
  • Transitions: Smoother, faster scroll
  • URL Handling: Coverage for all path types
  • Pinch-to-zoom: Now restored in demos
  • Automatic toolbar back button: Now off by default

The second beta of jQuery Mobile is due in about a month, and is aimed to "add greater extensibility to support dynamic JS-driven sites."

Google App Engine Adds New Python APIs

Yesterday, Google released version 1.5.1 of their popular App Engine.  One of the highlights among the many new changes and features is the release of ProtoRPC, the open source framework for web-based RPC services, as an official Python API. The update also features serving changes, updated Java and Python APIs, and High Replication Datastore in the SDK.

Socket.IO 0.7 Adds Multiple Socket Support

Socket.IO, the Node.JS project that "makes WebSockets and realtime possible in all browsers with built-in multiplexing, horizontal scalability, and automatic JSON encoding/decoding" updated to version 0.7.  The new release features multiple WebSocket support, a features that "addresses a major shortcoming of the WebSocket protocol." Socket.IO is an open source project, and available for download at GitHub.

GitHub's API Hits Version 3

The third version of GitHub's API aims to "let you access just about anything on GitHub via the API". Some of the highlights of the new version include:
  • Commits and commit comments
  • Raw Git access (Create and manage commits, blobs, trees... you name it)
  • Downloads (List 'em, create 'em, delete 'em)
  • Pull Requests (Find and create new ones, turn issues into Pull Requests, and manage Pull Request comments)
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