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Video: Amazon Web Services for Java Developers

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This half-hour webinar from UC Irvine suggests that AWS offers the perfect infrastructure to Java developers looking to save money with infinite scalability of resources.  You'll learn some basic AWS concepts as well as gain a better understading of how JavaEE apps can be migrated to an AWS environment. 

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Fahmeed Nawaz replied on Tue, 2012/06/12 - 10:24am

Any command can be run from java. In the next release there will be a helper like DBCollection.aggregate(DBObject[]/List<dbobject> pipeline)

From java you use the DB object: myDB.command(...) So a real example would require creating a single DBObject like so:  DBObject result = myDB.command(BasicDBObjectBuilder.start("aggregate", "collection-name").append("pipeline", pipelineArray);</dbobject>

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