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Use CloudCheckr for AWS Monitoring

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About a month ago I posted about the tool CloudCheckr for the first time. Since then I have had a look at it every now and then and I must say I really love it. Although my Amazon AWS environment was quite small and stable I really can see of the benefits it would give if you have a more volatile environment. If you recall in the post I also mentioned that in March you could have a free trial with Amazon’s Trusted Advisor. I must admit that during this period I didn’t really look at the Amazon solution. I think the reason is that CloudCheckr provided all the necessary information so there was no need to check the Trusted Advisor (especially after CloudCheckr improved their layout of the tool). At the moment CloudCheckr does provide more information about several aspects than the Trusted Advisor although it is a fact that Amazon is coming up with new functionality/ features almost every day.

I think the biggest difference between the two is the pricing model. Since you need at least Business Support contract for access to the Trusted Advisor this would mean that for a 10.000,- USD customer it would take around a 1000,- USD a month for the necessary support level (see pricing example here). For CloudCheckr you can simply get the product for much less (I am told around 179,- USD for a 10.000,- USD AWS customer). Of course this comparison isn’t completely fair since you get a lot more if you obtain the Business (or Enterprise) support level of Amazon but if you do not need these extras the choice should be easy!

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