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Try Clojure on Heroku

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Try Clojure is a cool GitHub project that helps you create a simple website that runs on Clojure, Noir web framework, and Heroku.  Anthony Grimes did a nice write up that explains the benefits he found out about Heroku while working with Try Clojure:

Heroku takes a time-based approach to its services and billing. The idea is that you pay for how many hours each dyno that you use has run in a given month, and every free account has 750 free dyno hours. If I only run one dyno all month, I don’t have to pay anything at all. And even if an app that I use was to get slashdotted or something similar that would generate massive amounts of traffic, all I’d have to do is run a command or two to scale things up. I could add a dyno or two and only run them for as long as the traffic was too hard for a single dyno to handle the traffic, then I could scale it back down and I’d hardly have to pay anything at all unless I used those dynos for quite a while. You only pay for what you use, and you aren’t obligated to use anything more than what you need/want!  --Anthony Grimes

Anthony also had a chance to work with Phil Hagelburg, a fellow "Clojurian" who was just hired by Heroku, thanks to a twitter conversation.  Read the blog to learn about the entire experience he had with Try Clojure and Heroku.




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