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MS Datacenters - Where Your Azure Servers Run

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If your wondering where in the world is this magical space we call the Azure Public Cloud. It is all over the world. We have datacenters all around the United States as well as in other countries.

There are a lot of reasons to have datacenters all around the world.

  • Disaster Protection / Data redundancy
  • Disaster Protection / Servers redundancy
  • Data Laws / regulations
  • Power Needs are too high for a single location
  • Speed of Light is just too slow – (network latency becomes an issue as you travel great distances)

I have had the luck to tour two of our datacenters and I can say with conviction that this video is the next best thing to a real tour. This video takes your on a tour is of multiple Microsoft datacenters and you don’t even need to have the background check, so sit back and travel the world visiting several of our datacenters.

Your Datacenter Tour

This next video shows the Generation 4 Modular Data Center plans. This is our vision is the foundation of our cloud data center infrastructure we have been building and have up and running in production. We believe it is one of the most revolutionary changes to happen to data centers in the last 30 years.

Microsoft Modular Data Center Concept

It is really interesting in how we are changing the cost structure in datacenters and commoditizing the datacenter to have both a low cost and a low environmental impact. For more details on Microsoft’s Datacenters around the world see the global foundation services website at:

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