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Java on Windows Azure (from JFokus)

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I was asked at the last minute to back fill a fellow Microsoft speaker at JFokus, the largest Java conference in Sweden. It was held at a conference center down by the water in Stockholm, Sweden. My hotel was attached, and my view was straight onto the Stockholm city hall.

This was my first time to Sweden, and I loved it. I got to work the booth for the day, and talked with some great people on how we are doing with running Java on Windows Azure.

It is in my experience that most European audiences tend to not ask questions during the session (even at the end during the open Q&A period). Instead, they like to come up after and ask their questions one-on-one. I asked Bjorn, the local MS evangelist, if that would hold up in Sweden as well, and he replied that it would. So I prepared myself to time the session accordingly.

Boy, were we wrong! There were a lot of questions during the session, and I loved it! That shows they were really engaged, and listening, and really cared what we were doing with Java in Windows Azure.

Hopefully I was able to show you how much work we have put into supporting all platforms on Windows Azure, not just .NET. We are investing a great deal in helping open source platforms run very well on Windows Azure. We want Azure to be the best place to run your Java app. We have a lot more features coming, so watch out.

For those that wanted to download the slides, here they are.

The demo covered:

1. The SDK/libraries you need for Windows Azure

2. Creating a Windows Azure project

3. Deploying to the emulator and the production environment

4. Settings and configuration


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