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Heroku Account Consolidation-Single View of all your Logs

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Heroku LogoIf you host multiple apps on Heroku, you know the pain of having to log in to a separate add-on account for each of your Heroku apps. Whether you’re monitoring several different production applications, have separate apps for your production, staging, and test environments, or are a consultant in charge of administering separate applications for each of your clients you know how irritating it can be to constantly have to switch between accounts.

This is particularly annoying when you’re trying to monitor the health of all your applications and troubleshoot issues in each environment. Time spent switching accounts is valuable time lost, finding and fixing an issue. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a single view of all your Heroku apps in one account?

Introducing Logentries Account Consolidation for Heroku

We’ve recently developed a neat way to consolidate your separate Logentries add-on accounts for Heroku applications. With Account Consolidation, the logs for each Heroku app will appear as a separate host in one main Logentries Account. Now instead of having to go to a separate account for each app, you can sign in to one Logentries app to analyze all your log files from all your applications.

All Your Heroku Apps Logs in One Place


With all your Heroku logs in one place you now have a single place to go to understand what’s happening across all your applications.

We’re offering Account consolidation as a new feature for all of our paid plans on Heroku. All that you need is at least one paid account to qualify.

I Want This! How do I get my own single view?

  • If you already have at least 1 paid account all that you need to do is let us know the names of the applications you want consolidated and which account will be the main account and we’ll consolidate them.
  • If you don’t have a paid account, but want to get in on all the consolidated goodness you just need to first upgrade one account to at least a concept plan then send us the app names and we’ll consolidate them. 

We’ve already consolidated accounts for many of our users on Heroku already. Don’t miss out! Email us at to get your own single view!

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