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Hands-On Datacenter Scenarios and Windows Azure Events

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This just in…

This is you, after you've learned all about what Windows Azure can do for you.The demand has been so great for more information about using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as an extension of your datacenter and IT Operations, that we’ve decided to schedule a few moreFREE events to close out the end of our fiscal year here in Central Region Microsoft US DPE.  The four of us (Brian LewisKeith MayerMatt Hester and I) are holding events at four locations at the end of this month (and one in mid-June):

  • Southfield, MI (Detroit), May 21, 2013, and
  • Irving, TX (Dallas), May 30, 2013
  • Edina, MN (Minneapolis), May 31, 2013, and
  • Downers Grove, IL (Chicago), June 13, 2013

Each of these days will be made up of two half-day events on two different topics, giving you three different registration options.


You can register for the morning session.  You can register for the afternoon session. OR you can register for the full-day.

“Cool.  What are the topics?”

I’m glad you asked…

Morning Topic: Using Windows Azure as a server and datacenter backup solution – Windows Azure Backup.  We’ll talk briefly about, and then walk through a hands-on example (you will follow along and do this on your own computers) of enabling, configuring, and leveraging Windows Azure Backup.

Afternoon Topic: Building a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 lab entirely in Windows Azure.  Again, at the end of this you will have a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 lab configured in your own cloud based lab in Windows Azure.

As I said, you can register for either one, or register for the full day. PLEASE just register one time, so that we can get an accurate estimate of attendance.

Okay, here are the registration links:

May 21 – Southfield, MI


May 30 – Irving, TX


May 31 – Edina, MN


Downers Grove, IL


Space is limited, so register early.  And make sure you heed the requirements prior to coming.  You’ll need at least some Internet and Remote-Desktop capable hardware, and a Windows Azure subscription.  (Get a free 90-Day Trial here)

See you there!

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