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Is Docker Ready for the Enterpise?

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Docker 1.0 has been pushed to users today to coincide with the start of the inaugural DockerCon conference.  It's been about seven months since Docker Inc. changed their name from DotCloud and completely pivoted their business model around the internal tool they'd created and open sourced.  The Docker project's meteoric rise to popularity began well before that, and now the community is ready to find out if the symbolic 1.0 release lives up to the enterprise-ready label.

DZone Poll: Have You Used Docker? 

The company certainly thinks so. They even have a "Docker Hub" cloud service for user content, and they have a new Docker Enterprise Support program just announced today.  This release of Docker is the first to be declared "production ready" by the company itself, even though many users have considered it production ready for many months.  

However, Matt Jaynes has a well-researched article that you should definitely read if you're not very familiar with Docker.  Jaynes says that many users have become disillusioned with Docker because of some key misconceptions about it.  His article has a bunch of great tips for using Docker in the most appropriate and optimal way.

So what's new in Docker?  Just read the company post and the GitHub Pulse for that.

Oh, and if you think Docker is just a fad, you might want to take a look at these crazy stats from the company press release:

Since its inception 15 months ago, the open source Docker project has seen unprecedented community growth and adoption:
  • 2.75+ million downloads;
  • 12,000+ stars on GitHub;
  • 450+ contributors – 95 percent of whom do not work for Docker, Inc.;
  • 8,500+ commits;
  • 14,000+ “Dockerized” applications published on Docker Hub;
  • 90+ community-established user groups in more than 30 countries;
  • 6,500+ Docker related projects found on GitHub; and
  • Integration in a huge number of the key deployment, DevOps, and cloud platforms.

Tell us about your experience with Docker.


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