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Developers and the Cloud: A DZone Snapshot

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In December, our DZone technical lead will be attending and presenting at's Cloudstock conference in San Francisco.  At the "Woodstock for Cloud Developers", we wanted to cut through the buzz and figure out what's really happening in development shops.  Are developers really using the cloud?  Does using Gmail count?  I know that I use cloud storage for my work—it's a little friend called "Dropbox". 

We want to know if you're using the cloud at work or at home for personal utility or independent development.  We want to know if your company is pushing cloud research or adoption.  We think this information would be beneficial for you and the developers attending Cloudstock.

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Cenk Ozan Kahraman replied on Sun, 2010/11/14 - 6:47am

If only my company saw the Cloud-hype as charming as I saw. What they believe is that they can't trust any other company's cloud, including Dropbox. When it comes to a "private cloud", it is being seen as an excessive project. What I need is some succesful projects in Cloud, so that they can come to reason.

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