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The Cloudcast - Ep. 55 - 1st Annual Fantasy Cloud Draft

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Team McNamara: Focus Area - Cloud Hosted Web Portals & Business Logic:
(1) ServiceNow/enStratus, (2) Mirantis, (3) Chef, (4) Synnex, (5) Nexenta, (6) Joyent, (7) Casa,
(8) NTT

Team Weaver: Focus Area - Fortune 100, Migrating to Cloud Services
(1) Cloudability, (2) AppFog, (3) Parse, (4) CloudPassage, (5) AppDirect, (6) Inktank, (7) Greenplum, (8) BOSH

Team Delp: Focus Area - Complete PaaS
(1) Apprenda, (2) Apigee, (3) OpenShift, (4) Bromium, (5) Cloudscaling, (6) Crowbar, (7) Puppet, (8) rPath

Team Gracely: Focus Area - Fence off the Old IT, Focus on New Apps
(1) Rightscale, (2) Cloudstack, (3) Azure, (4) SalesForce, (5) Cloudera, (6) Big Switch Networks, (7) Basho, (8) CloudFoundry

Rules of the Fantasy Draft

1. Order of Round 1 selections will be randomly chosen, and then executed in a “snake” order.

2. Each player must decide what objectives that are trying to accomplish with their selections ahead of time (eg. Private Cloud, Public IaaS, Enterprise Hybrid, Public PaaS, public IPO, M&A activity, etc.).

3. Potential “Positions” to Draft For:

  • Infrastructure (Stack)
  • Hypervisor
  • Cloud Controller
  • Cloud Management
  • External Cloud Service
  • IaaS Framework
  • PaaS Framework
  • SaaS Service
  • Cloud/Application Provisioning
  • API Framework
  • Cloudwashing Tagline

4. The draft will last between six and eight rounds, depending on the length of the podcast.

5. Players will have 30 seconds to make their selection and are then expected to justify their selection.

6. Players can select any Cloud Computing product, technology or service that is currently available on the market today. Players can also select technology that is in public beta (announced), but can not select technology that is expected in the future but has no stated GA or beta date.

7. At the end of the selection process, players must give a 1-2 minute summary of their capabilities, highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses.

8. Audience voting for Best and Worst will be done via the website.

9. Follow-up voting will be done at the end of 2012.

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