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CloudBees Announces New Major Extensions

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CloudBees, Inc. has announced the launch of new one-click services intended to help customers streamline and customize their cloud deployment. The two new services are called ClickStarts and ClickStacks. The two new extensions will be particularly useful to developers, taking most of the gruntwork out of launching a new app by using templates for popular app-types. 


ClickStarts are templates designed for a particular type of app that, with one click sets up:

  •  a repository,
  •  a Jenkins build,
  •  the deployment environment,
  •  a database depending on the app type.

The templates then hand back a running application to the developer.

The ClickStarts come from the CloudBees community github site, where anyone can contribute their own application template.


ClickStacks lets users customize their existing CloudBees service runtimes and compose new runtimes to run applications on. By default, ClickStarts apps use a standard Tomcat 6-based web container. ClickStacks lets users choose from Java stacks curated by CloudBees, or community stacks submitted to the CloudBees community Github site.


The two new services work with the following languages frameworks:

  •     Scala
  •     Clojure
  •     Play 2
  •     Lift
  •     Backbone.js
  •     Spring
  •     Sencha Touch
  •     Hibernate
  •     JAX-RS
  •     Grails

For Developers

ClickStarts will be particularly useful to developers, making it much easier for developers to get started on new projects quickly, letting the templates do most of the grunt work. Since the runtimes are customizable, developers will be able to work in their preferred application environment. They will also be able to create their own custom ClickStarts templates, and embed ClickStarts into their own work.