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Build in the Cloud: Jelastic + Maven

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Good news for Java developers! Now you can build applications in Jelastic cloud instead of building them locally and uploading WAR archives. What are my benefits you may ask? First of all, it is faster and takes less traffic and here is why: package files can be quite large and need reupload every time your application changes Jelastic can take only the code changes from version control repository and rebuild your application in the cloud. Second, you get the efficiency of the cloud and can use your computer without any extra load.

Now just a few simple steps to help you do it:

  1. In the Environment topology window set up a new environment with Maven.
  2. Once the environment is successfully created, add your project to Maven.
  3. In the Add project dialog which opens, navigate to SVN or Git tab (depending on a version control system that you use), specify the required settings, and context in which you will deploy your project.
  4. Finally, build and deploy your project to Jelastic cloud.

As you go on coding, commit your code changes as you normally do and click Build and Deploy, and Jelastic automatically updates your application.

Building in the cloud is one of the most important updates of Jelastic PaaS. Thanks for your votes and comments on it!

More news about Jelastic on Twitter and blog.

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Alex Tkachman.


Eric Kizaki replied on Thu, 2011/12/01 - 9:52pm

Wow! Looks awesome. Has support for Tomcat and a MySQL database. I thought about Google App Engine but it was really restrictive in what you could do and it did not have a SQL database. It basically sucked because you had to code your app to fit their API and restrictions. I have had some experience with other more traditional Tomcat hosting, but it was terrible. I will definitely try this out when I get the chance.

Judah Johns replied on Tue, 2012/03/27 - 3:45am in response to: Eric Kizaki

Hey, Eric. Did you ever get a chance to try Jelastic out?

Ron Sim replied on Wed, 2013/02/13 - 10:20am

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