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Basho's Riak Cloud Storage Release is AWS S3-Compatible

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If they haven't already, Cloud leaders like Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services should start taking smaller competing platforms more seriously as companies start providing products to compete with established cloud-computing services.  The Basho team claims that Riak is "the world's most advanced distributed database," and today they announced the release of Riak Cloud Storage, which is designed to enable both public and private cloud services. 

Among its key features is compatibility with Amazon Web Services online storage web service S3 (Simple Storage Service).  This is enabled by an HTTP REST API that enables what the Riak team claims is easy storage and retrieval of data.  

Other features of Riak CS include the following:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Reporting functionality of per-tenant usage data
  • Up to 5GB of Arbitrary Content Type Objects

Looks like it didn't take long for one of these smaller NoSQL companies to respond to Amazon's DynamoDB release.  This solution from Riak is a lot more complete and 'Amazonian' than some of the other NoSQL vendors who are just offering Heroku add-ons.

It will be interesting to see how cloud services like this that attach themselves to established cloud services will evolve as enterprises continue to adopt cloud-based technologies.  

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Marc Wallbergg replied on Fri, 2012/05/18 - 6:29am

Among its key features is compatibility with Amazon Web Services online storage web service S3 Cloud Storage Providers

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Mohammad Nurul Huda replied on Tue, 2013/12/03 - 7:18pm

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