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Azure Beats Amazon in Cloud Development Survey

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Are More than 1/3rd of Cloud Developers Using Azure?

The Cloud Development Survey (which Evans Data Corporation runs every 6 months among a select group of developers) measured the percentages of developers who “have used or are using” a certain cloud platform.

The survey asked the following question:

“Which of the following infrastructure platform stacks have you used or are using?”

And the top three responses were…

  • 36% Azure
  • 29% Google
  • 28% Amazon

Respondents chose from a list of 20 platforms, but didn’t rate them according to quality – just whether or not they were using them or had tried them before.

The Respondents

Over 400 developers responded to the survey, all of which are currently developing on cloud platforms.

Most of the developers who responded to the survey used multiple languages. If the majority of respondents to the survey were .NET developers, that might have been a contributing factor for Azure taking the lead (although Azure now has SDKs for Java, PHP, node.js, and a lot of other languages).

The top languages were:

  • 64% Java
  • 60% C++
  • 58% C#
  • 49% PHP

The Previous Winner

A previous user satisfaction survey by Evans Data published in November showed that VMWare Cloud Foundry was the highest rated cloud platform among all types of users. That survey did not expressly survey developers.