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Announcing AppFog GA: A Pay-for-RAM PaaS

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AppFog, the self-proclaimed "Best Platform as a Service for Hackers," announced today the release of a highly-anticipated PaaS with an innovative pricing model.  Whereas the leading PaaSes tend to price based on storage capacity or monthly service rates, ApFog's GA will be priced solely according to the amount of RAM the client needs.  Lucas Carlson, the CEO of AppFog, equates this strategy to "doing to PaaS what Google did to email," by providing users with a free 2GB of RAM, as opposed to the 15MB of RAM that is currently offered by leading PaaSes like Azure and AWS.  

The press release summarizes some of the benefits of AppFog GA:

Customer Benefits

●        Most affordable and simplest pricing in the cloud – we only charge for RAM
●        Same price even if you mix multiple backend infrastructure vendors, and always the fastest servers available
●        Developers can easily scale apps on the free service, unlike any other cloud vendor today
GA Features of AppFog
●        Best interoperability in the cloud with single click, zero-code migrations between cloud vendors, eliminating vendor lock-in
●        30-second deployments to AWS, Rackspace, HP, Azure and more
●        Support for Java, .NET, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres and more

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