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Tommy Patterson began his virtualization adventure during the launch of VMware's ESX Server's initial release. At a time when most admins were only adopting virtualization as a lab-only solution, he pushed through the performance hurdles to quickly bring production applications into virtualization. Since the early 2000s, Tommy has spent most of his career in a consulting role providing assessments, engineering, planning, and implementation assistance to many members of the Fortune 500. Troubleshooting complicated scenarios, and incorporating best practices into customer's production virtualization systems has been his passion for many years. Now he share his knowledge of virtualization and cloud computing as a Technology Evangelist in the Microsoft US Developer and Platform Evangelism team. Tommy is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 25 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

31 Days in the Cloud Link List

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Curator's Note: In January, DZone featured a few of the articles from this series, here are links to all 31.

In case you missed any of the series here is a list to all of the articles:

Day 1: Matthew Hester kicks off the series with an overview of Windows Azure

Day 2: Building Free Lab VMs in the Microsoft Cloud

Day 3: Supported Virtual Machine Operating Systems in the Microsoft Cloud

Day 4: Servers Talking in the Cloud (Networking Simplified in Azure)

Day 5: Uploading a VM Image to the Microsoft Cloud

Day 6: Windows Azure Feature Overview

Day 7: Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Lab in the Cloud with Windows Azure

Day 8: Setting up Management

Day 9: Windows Azure and Virtual Networking – What Is It?

Day 10: Microsoft Cloud Virtual Networking Step-by-Step

Day 11: Running FREE Linux Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Day 12: Connecting System Center App Controller to Windows Azure

Day 13: Creating Azure Virtual Machines with App Controller

Day 14: Creating a Virtual Machine with Powershell in the Microsoft Cloud

Day 15: What does Azure Cloud Computing Really Cost and How to Save

Day 16: Consider this, Reasons for Using Windows Azure

Day 17: Templating VMs in the Microsoft Cloud

Day 18: Deleting a Disk File in Windows Azure with PowerShell

Day 19: Creating a Network in Windows Azure with PowerShell

Day 20: Extending On-Premise Active Directory into Windows Azure

Day 21: Beyond IaaS and PaaS – A Great Explanation of the Strengths of Both Azure Services

Day 22: Building a SQL 2012 Server in Azure

Day 23: Integrating Active Directory into Windows Azure Virtual Machines (By Don Noonan)

Day 24: Connecting PaaS(Platform as a Service) to IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) in Windows Azure

Day 25: Stored VM, A Prerequisite for Copying VM to Windows Azure (with System Center)

Day 26: Built-In Monitoring and Troubleshooting Windows Azure plus Options

Day 27: Use Windows Azure to Learn Windows Storage Spaces

Day 28: Windows Azure Add-Ons From the Azure Store Explained

Day 29: Learning Networking Basics in Azure VMs

Day 30: Learning Remote Desktop Service in Azure VMs

Day 31: Authentication Mechanisms, Diagrams, and Technical Info for Windows Azure


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