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Tommy Patterson began his virtualization adventure during the launch of VMware's ESX Server's initial release. At a time when most admins were only adopting virtualization as a lab-only solution, he pushed through the performance hurdles to quickly bring production applications into virtualization. Since the early 2000s, Tommy has spent most of his career in a consulting role providing assessments, engineering, planning, and implementation assistance to many members of the Fortune 500. Troubleshooting complicated scenarios, and incorporating best practices into customer's production virtualization systems has been his passion for many years. Now he share his knowledge of virtualization and cloud computing as a Technology Evangelist in the Microsoft US Developer and Platform Evangelism team. Tommy is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 25 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

A 19-Part Series on Cloud Virtualization

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Here are all the parts of the series for Windows Server 2012 virtualization.

  1. The Hyper-V Primer – 20+ Days of Server Virtualization
  2. You Want to Hot-Add What?! – 20+ Days of Server Virtualization
  3. Virtual Memory Management: Dynamic Memory-Much Different Than Memory Over Commit – Become a Virtualization Expert
  4. Two Posts for Part 3:
    1. Virtual Memory Management: Dynamic Memory-Much Different Than Memory Over Commit – Become a Virtualization Expert
    2. Monitoring Dynamic Memory in Windows Server Hyper-V 2012….
  5. Hyper-V “Datastores” – Wait we dont need no stinkin’ datastores!
  6. Virtualization Storage–Definitions (20+ Days of Server Virtualization – Part 5 of 20)
  7. Part 6 In tow Parts
    1. Hyper-V Live Part 1 of 2 Live Add Memory & Live Snapshot Merge
    2. Hyper-V Live Part 2 of 2 Live Storage Migration, Multiple Live Migrations and Live Cluster Node Evacuations
  8. Speaking iSCSI with Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V – Become a Virtualization Expert in 20 Days! ( Part 7 of 20 )
  9. Step-by-Step: Storage Live Migration ( Part 8 of 20)
  10. . Virtualization Experts Series – Virtual Networking in Hyper-V
  11. . Server Virtualization Series: Networking – NIC Teaming
  12. . Step by Step: High Availability: Live Migration (Part 12 of 20)
  13. . 20 Days of Server Virtualization- Your Hyper-V Hosts and Clustering an Availability Story (Part 13 of 20)
  14. . Virtual Machine Guest Clustering with Windows Server 2012 – Become a Virtualization Expert in 20 Days! ( Part 14 of 20 )
  15. . Hyper-V Replica Broker
  16. . Performance Management: Monitoring CPU Resources….
  17. . Server Virtualization Series: Performance Management – Memory (Part 18 of 20)
  18. . Virtualization Experts Series – Virtualization From A Single Pane of Glass – System Center VMM – An Overview
  19. . Virtualization Storage–SMB (20+ Days of Server Virtualization)


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